Company Info

Hi, my name is Michele Johnson.  I have always been interested in art and drawing.  I started my business by designing rubber stamps from my original drawings.  But then, several years ago, my family went on a trip to Disney and it created a whole new avenue for my business.
I discovered a digital embroidery machine in the house of the future.  I became so obsessed with the idea that drawing could be turned into embroidery patterns.  I drove my husband crazy with this new idea to incorporate my designs that I was using for my rubber stamps for designing embroidery.  He is always so supportive when I have a new idea so I went ahead with the purchase of my computerized embroidery machine, digitizing program and my laptop.  That Disney trip ended up being very costly!
That is the history of how my business came about.  Along with my family, drawing and crafts are my passion and I hope that you enjoy my website as much as I enjoy creating.
Thank you for reading my story,  Michele